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Chapter 181

The stupidity of Japan is just wonderful. Is it an objection alongside Hitler of Germany, Mussolini of Italy, and Emperor Showa of Japan? Because of that feeling, Japan is said to be a diplomatic second-class country forever. Do you know that this act is striking the feelings of neighboring countries? Japan's education will continue to be a laughter in the world as an island nation's fool training center with a poor international sense, unless it is modified to tell the truth and reflect on it, rather than hiding the mistakes of the past. Emperor Showa was a god of the present at that time, and he must have been uninterested in worldly things such as war, and it is said that he was actually opposed to war, so he was different from the former two. If anything, it should be told to President Zelensky that it was a mistake of Hideki Tojo (military man, hanged for class A war criminal) who promoted the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Area". However, the truth is not the responsibility of the individual, and it cannot be helped that it was the consensus of the Japanese people that the Japanese, who were a mass of inferiority complex, started the war. The cause of being isolated from the world and securing oil is just an excuse. The atrocities committed by the Japanese military in various parts of Asia are said to have killed more than 200,000 people in Nanjing alone at the Tokyo Tribunal. This is only 85 years ago. If China, the next great power, now has the world's second-largest economic power and third-largest military power, Japan should be more afraid and compensate. If you go to the Nanjing Massacre Brotherhood Memorial Hall, the inhumane deeds are obvious. The deep sorrow and anger that the Chinese have experienced has not subsided. The post-war compensation, which was put together around the United States for fear of becoming communism, did not reflect the circumstances of neighboring countries. Even in the Supreme Court's decision, it is already over, but is this really all right? At the very least, in order to heal the trauma of the victim, it is necessary to provide a place for students to know the facts and think seriously at school. Then the Japanese can be more humble. I feel that it is necessary to increase the number of children who want to atone for Japan’s sins by knowing history rather than learning English words. And I hope that more children will want to study Chinese or Korean to apologize instead of English. It's too late, but it's better than doing nothing. Russia's invasion of Ukraine, in a sense, reminded us of the inconvenient truth that the Japanese had long erased from our memories. And, although there is a slight misunderstanding, it tells us that the Japanese are in the memory of people all over the world as invaders at the same level as Putin and Hitler. Even so, it is amazing that Ukraine still holds up. There was a nuclear shelter in the basement of the steelworks, and it was ready to operate. If Japan will be invaded, can we endure so much? I feel like we will not endure for 3 days. Although Japan is a defeated country, it has escaped the worst situation of being divided and ruled by the communist bloc like Germany and Korea. On the contrary, we enjoyed the reconstruction economy with a large exemption from postwar reparations. The Ukrainians painfully understand the suffering of the communist bloc without freedom until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, so they would be better to die. Taking this opportunity, the Japanese need to think more seriously about our relations with neighboring countries. ‥

April 26, 2022

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