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Chapter 174

My father died at the age of 91. His cause of death had nothing to do with the Covid-19, and I was able to meet him before carrying out a coffin. He lost his memory eight years ago when he collapsed before my mother died and spent eight years in a retirement home. He was born in 1945. He grew at the foot of the Kurobe Tateyama mountain range in Toyama prefecture. He lived in a large house, and when a plague broke out in the village, his family cared for the sick and the village people erected a large stone monument of the Muramoto family in honor of their achievements. It's unclear if the stone monument still exists, and his birthplace no longer exists. He was handsome like an actor, and smart. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Tohoku Imperial University, passed the bar examination, and was active as a practicing lawyer in Nagoya. He loved reading and was always reading books. He bought a hardcover of the original text by economist J.K. Galbraith and read it with an English-Japanese dictionary in one hand. He wasn't stiff as an image of lawyer, he was flexible in his thinking, and when I consulted something he didn't say a familiar reply. For example, when I asked him, "What will happen if I will not file my company's taxes properly?" "My acquaintance, President XX, says it's cheaper to get a tax audit and pay additional taxes than to pay an audit firm," he replied. Actually, I had an audit firm audit and pay the tax, but I felt comfortable. The job of lawyer fitted his personality in the sense that he was not the type to play a part in the organization, but was able to exert his abilities freely as a lone wolf. He seemed uninterested in cases such as divorce proceedings, and he chose and accepted cases of interest as a corporate lawyer. He was a manly person who didn't care about his appearance, and my mother made up for it, but books were piled up in the office in the city so that there was no foothold, and regulars (presidents and officers of advisory companies) didn't seem to care, but the client who came to the consultation for the first time would have been surprised. He was a justice person who did not look down on his opponent, but he might have made an enemy with too honest words. However, if they understood that he was such a person and talked to him, everyone was drawn into the story and became a fan. He was interested in the business, so I heard he was happy when I started the business. Also, in the 1970s, when he took over the bankruptcy trustee of an audio maker, he took the company's products home and attached an 8-track cassette tape type car audio, which was rare at that time, to the car and when traveling, he enjoyed the electric guitar music of Ventures. There were a wide range of new enthusiasts, including cameras, cars, and audio, with cars being Isuzu and audio being SONY. He was also a hobbyist, making radio-controlled planes, crashing, enjoying baseball, skiing, golf, mountain walking, and playing the piano. After the death of my mother, his health management and nutrition management are perfect in the life of the facility. He had no memory and lived a long time thanks to eating without likes and dislikes. When I went to see him, he didn't even recognize my face, so I felt that my father had died with his mother. With advances in medical technology, they extend life, but medical expenses are uncertain. I don't think we should extend our lives with a big burden for young people. I think that the discussion of life selection should be more active with the Covid-19 as an opportunity. What measures should we use to judge, life expectancy, social status, financial strength, etc. If we clarify the rules, we can give up even if we are not convinced.

Around this time, my dad might say that he was refreshed because he had no connection with his stupid sons, but he might be facing our mother of his natural enemy.

This LEDPURE AH1 protected my dad from viruses in the life of facility without harmful substances like ozone.

This LEDPURE AH1 protected my dad from viruses in the life of facility without harmful substances like ozone.

September 27, 2021

My dad has gone



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