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The establishment of micro UV-LED chip company for micro LED display

We report a 100% owned subsidiary, Micro Nitride Co., Ltd. which develops, manufactures and sells micro UV LED chips for micro LED display on November 1, 2018.
Company name:
Micro Nitride Co., Ltd.
115-7 Itayashima Akinokami Seto-cho, Naruto-shi Tokushima Japan
50 million yen (capital reserve 50 million yen)
Total 100 million yen
Main business:
Development, manufacture and sale of micro UV-LED chip for micro LED display

◇ Background of establishment

In recent years, self-emissive display typified by OLED has been adopted for smart phones and the like, but due to its short lifetime and durability against heat, the development of micro LED display is becoming active.
Currently there are 2 types of methods to realize micro LED display, 3 LED type utilizing three kinds of LEDs of red, blue, and green, and blue LED excitation type exciting red and green phosphors with blue LED are becoming two main streams.
Regarding the 3 LED type, it is impossible to produce µ red chips because its material is fragile, furthermore it is difficult to mount LED chips of different colors with different structures in high density. Their current and voltage, reaction speeds are different, so there is a problem that control of each chip becomes complicated.
The µ Blue LED excitation method can integrate all mounted LED chips into µ blue LEDs, so the difficulty of mounting decreases and the current and voltage can also be unified, but the blue light is emission, but the red light and the green light are excitation, so there is a time lag of reaction speed, and there is another problem that the color reproducibility is low because of the low luminance of red and green due to blue excitation.
µUV-LED+RGB phosphor solves the above problems.
We found that the luminous efficiency is doubled when fabricating µUV-LED chip with SLS structure in both n and p layer. (Patent pending)
The reason is that since the distance of the diffusion current is short, the light emission recombination increases and the internal quantum efficiency improves and the distance from the light emitting layer to the outside become short, the external quantum efficiency improved.
Micro UV-LED wafer Micro UV-LED chip Image of UV light
Size comparison between 24micron square chip and ball(500µm) of ball pen
RGB element structure images by V-Technology (Japan)

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